2019 Global Comms Report: The Path to Progress

November 20, 2019 Sarah Parker

This year's Global Comms Report- brought to you in partnership with PR Week for the third year in a row- surveyed more than 500 senior-level PR and marketing professionals in seven countries to uncover recent shifts and advancements in the industry.

The results show that while challenges remain, greater investments in data and some overall shifts in social and media strategy are helping comms underscore its value to the bottom line. 

What do we mean by that? Well, results aren't just measured in media impressions anymore: 

While the number [of consumers actually reached] is lower than media impressions, "when you explain why to the C-suite they go, ‘Hey, this isn’t just some made-up crap and every possible impression added up,’” Jim Trainor, director of comms at Hyundai Motor America explains. “The C-suite is very into math and results. So, they are like, ‘Woah, the PR team has traditionally been afraid of numbers, but they are finally talking the language that sales, marketing, finance and everyone else speaks.’ A lot of respect comes with that.”

Inside the report: 

  • The story gets stronger: A mix of modern and traditional tactics are boosting earned media's status; mainstream journalists are more influential, for example, while everyday consumers and celebrities fell in their rankings. 
  • The real challenge: Highlighting the toughest obstacles to C-suite relevance; you have a good relationship with your CEO, but are you really translating the impact your work is having on the company's revenue?  
  • Deciphering the data: Discovering the right information to measure and impact bottom lines— and communicating it well. 
  • Sway over spending: Identifying the influencers who most impact consumer activity; it might not be who you think! (And it's definitely different in different countries.) 
  • Changing the channel: Notable movement on the social platforms most relevant to brands; Instagram moves up for most. 
  • Where the money goes: Comms spending is changing, both how much and where it goes; does your brand have a dedicated budget for paying influencers, for example?

You can download the full report here now

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Sarah Parker

Sarah A. Parker is the Content Marketing Manager for Cision, planning, producing and curating content across channels. She previously managed content and social media for several different brands, in addition to working as a freelance writer. Find her on Twitter @SparkerWorks where she is happy to talk all things social media strategy, the dynamic world of PR, and mastiffs.

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