Agency Tip: Leverage Your Client’s Content

December 10, 2015 Matt Allison: Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

Agency Tip: Leverage your client's contentOne of the biggest challenges faced by marketers and public relations professionals these days is creating enough high-quality, interesting content to keep the attention of blog visitors and social media followers. When it comes to feeding the content beast, there is never enough. We’ve noticed that there is one source of content and inspiration that agencies frequently over look. Your client’s content.

In order to benefit from the content that your client creates, it is important to be plugged into their content marketing strategy even if it is handled in house or by a different agency. It is useful to work together with clients to determine how you can promote, republish or repurpose their content for your own distribution channels.

If you work with clients on content creation, you can also leverage the success of that content to build credibility and social trust for your brand. For example, why not write a blog about the top performing content you created for your clients this year and why it worked. Your readers may be interested in the anatomy of an effective press release or why a particular infographic was shared by so many LinkedIn users.

Leveraging your client’s content to promote your own brand is an excellent way to get more bang for the buck and ease the burden of content creation.

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