PR Analytics Prove Who Won Black Friday

December 6, 2017 Lacey Miller

Black Friday, or retail's Super Bowl has come and gone and whether you shopped online, in-stores, or at midnight, you're decision was swayed by some form of earned media. So, who won the big day in regards to PR? Let's look at the numbers..

Measuring Trash Data?


You’ve tallied the mentions, and dammit, you’ve fallen behind your biggest competitors!! This is the reality Best Buy is facing, IF their PR measurement is stuck in the dark ages. When you just count the mentions and tally them up in a way that is not actionable, then it looks like Best Buy lost the Black Friday battle among their top know, the ones who are taking major market share from Best Buy.


So, what happens next? They take that number to their superiors and tell them that even with all their hard work and strong PR efforts, they fell behind Amazon, Walmart, and Target. Well, there’s always next year...if Best Buy makes it that long.


But hold on! Let’s take a look at the REAL data. We aren’t talking about those trash “mentions” on meaningless websites. We’re talking about real, actionable data that actually moves the needle.




The Modern PR Pro


In this scenario, the PR team at Best Buy is made up of who we like to call the ‘modern PR pro’. Maybe they’ve realized counting mentions leaves valuable data on the table and keeps even more valuable stories from being told. And this team wants to tell the BEST story, the true, data-driven story. So, let’s look at feature mentions...these articles not only mention ‘Best Buy’ but they specifically discuss the company.


AND this is the exciting part! Look at that chart! Best Buy actually BEAT out most of their top competitors! Dethroning Target AND Walmart. Now, this is a far more accurate picture of what really matters! Can you imagine!?!?


With this data, the PR team at Best Buy gets to walk into their monthly (or yearly) meeting with the executive team and show that earned media was one of the most impactful things the marketing team accomplished. And if those guys are really smart, they’re using PR Attribution and Web analytics integrations with their PR software to track website traffic from earned too...translating their winning Black Friday to actual dollars back to the company.


BRAVO Best Buy!! You guys rocked Black Friday!! Now, what are you going to do with that data?? *hint hint* It's PR budget planning time! If you can map earned media's results and impact to company objectives, you will have a VERY strong argument for growing the PR budget!

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Lacey Miller

Passionate about public relations and empowering practitioners, Lacey Miller found her dream job at TrendKite, where she carries the crown of 'word nerd'. With a background in public relations and technology, she's a great fit with her desire to innovate the industry! You can find her most days writing for PR Forward, PRSA, and other marketing trade publications.

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