Do Brands Need to Become Publishers?

December 21, 2015 Max Bergen

Do brands need to become publishers?

The turn of the year is a great time for evaluating our habits and deciding to make changes. Many of us will vow to spend a few more minutes a week on a stair climber or a rowing machine. That’s probably a good thing. But how much time are you spending on the content treadmill, working feverishly to generate blogs and ebooks like they are going out of style? The pace of content for brands seems to be getting to a point where marketing and PR folks feel more like publishers than PR pros and marketers. We think that 2016 is the year to step off the content treadmill. Here’s why.

Most Organizations Can’t Afford both Quality and Quantity

Almost every endeavor you can think of involves some trade-offs between quality, quantity and time. Low quality, repetitive content does nothing to help your conversion metrics or your brand’s reputation. The key is finding the right balance between quality and frequency. You don’t have to build the Taj Mahal of blogs for every post, but you do need content that is useful and relevant to your audience. Before you create any new asset, be sure you know who it is for, why they will find it useful, where it will live, and what metric it will impact.

Let Your Best Performing Content Be Your Guide

Understanding how well your current assets are performing with your prospect and media audiences will help you determine the direction of future content. If your particular audience favors ebooks over whitepapers, for example, it makes sense to put your resources into more ebooks and scale down whitepaper creation.

Focus on Delivery

The, “If you build it, they will come,” model does not work for content marketing or PR. Marketers and PR pros are creating hundreds of assets that will never be read every day. If you shift some of your focus from quantity to delivery, you can make sure that you are targeting each audience with the most effective assets.  Don’t neglect to identify the social channels each of your audience segments utilizes and promote your content there.

Yes, modern PR professionals have a responsibility to publish content, but it isn’t a contest to see who can produce the largest number of assets. Quality and purpose are far more important than quantity. Taking this approach can get you off of the content treadmill and on the path to more earned media coverage, improved audience engagement, and a seat at the table among industry thought leaders.


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