Global Diversity Awareness Month at Cision

October 31, 2019 Hibaaq Abdillahi

October marked the beginning of Global Diversity Awareness Month, reminding us all the positive impact a diverse workplace can have on a society. Over the years people have stopped looking at diversity, equity and inclusion as a trend and more as a tool to strengthen cross-cultural and intercultural awareness. October is the perfect month to look at your diversity efforts and assess where your company can expand. 

Our DEI employee resource group, EMBRACE wanted to kick off the month by creating a selfie campaign globally. The #WeEmbraceDifferences campaign was an opportunity for individuals, departments and the company as a whole to demonstrate how we live by our Cision value “We Embrace Differences” on a daily basis. The goal was to learn how employees challenge themselves to embrace differences in their personal life and/or corporate setting. Seeing all the photos come in was inspiring and showed how connected Cision is globally.

Read some of the responses below and see how Cision employees around the global came together to embrace differences: 

“#WeEmbraceDifferences by constantly sharing new ideas and successful strategies with one another to better out service our clients.” – Team Zion, Cleveland 

Cision Germany Team

“We Embrace Differences here at Cision by celebrating people for who they are.” – Parker Guidry & Hibaaq Abdillahi 

Cision ATX Marketing Team

“I #EmbraceDifferences by always being open to learning about people, places and things that I know I have limited knowledge on, and by acknowledging other’s experiences as valid and valuable. I try my best to shut up and listen and to absorb the knowledge being thrown in my direction. I am honest with others and myself on what I do and do not know.” – Nikki Garica, Albuquerque

“#WeEmbraceDifferences: By welcoming everyone with open arms, having an open mind when it comes to others' views/opinions, and spreading love and laughter both inside and outside of the workplace!” – Kaala Walker, Cleveland 

Cision ATX

“I embrace differences through my continuous work to bring people together.  Whether is upper management with lower management, management with entry level staff, across cultures and across countries, my goal is to unify us and to remind us here at Cision and in my community that we are all similar in how we experience life and the world around us. Instead of looking at our differences, the conversations we start to have because of ERG’s are about our similarities.  Whether we realize it or not.” – Oscar Duran, EMBRACE Global President 

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Hibaaq Abdillahi

Hibaaq Abdillahi is the social media coordinator at Cision, where she can be found managing and curating content for our social platforms. She is an experienced media relations professional with a history of working in the marketing and public relations field. She has a strong passion for the digital landscape and DEI efforts.

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