Hoverboards Becoming Punch Line Across Media and Social

February 24, 2016 Sean Couch


Hoverboards were a hot commodity this past holiday season, but have since been set a blaze in the media (pun intended) due to safety issues and government regulations. Since the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission declared that no hoverboard on the market can be deemed safe, major retailers have been pulling hoverboards off the shelves left and right.

We took at the media coverage and created an interactive report to dive deeper into the press coverage. The results were full of warnings to consumers, but the Internet also naturally responded with plenty of humorous gifs, memes, videos and more. Don't worry, we shared a few below.

Damaging Key Messages


Manufacturers have an uphill battle to change the story circulating in the media and must address issues with their products if they want to see long term success. No company or brand can survive when they are continuously associated with safety concerns and products that are literally turning into balls of fire. 

Issues AmplifiedScreen_Shot_2016-02-24_at_12.56.24_PM.png

To make matters worse for manufacturers, press coverage is getting amplified across social which is created a storm of consumer outrage and making the product a comical punch line which leaves the Internet to respond with a huge archive of entertaining gifs, memes, and videos.


Check out the full interactive press report here to dive deeper into the coverage.

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