How PR Software Amplifies Your Earned Media Efforts

May 30, 2017 Lacey Miller


A well-placed and well-timed earned media mention can be a big boon for PR teams. Earned media is a trusted source of information for your prospects and customers, seeing a positive mention might give the buyer just the nudge they need to act. Earned media also helps boost SEO efforts and provides great content for other marketing activities. It’s no wonder that PR pros spend so much time thinking about how to get more mentions. But as we’ve noted before, quantity and quality are both important, so there’s a lot that goes into a smart earned media strategy. Fortunately for modern PR teams, sophisticated technology is available to help brands get more and higher quality mentions. Here’s how PR software can help.



Identify Target Publications

In today’s media landscape, there are so many niche publications, blogs, social networks and other content channels that it is impossible to manually keep track of them all. There may be some obvious outlets that it makes sense for you to target, but you may have better luck getting a mention, and get more impact out of it, if you target a less well-known publication. PR software helps you monitor media to identify all of the channels that are talking about your key subjects so that you can target all of the places your audience goes for information.



Gauge Engagement

PR software will give you insight into the reach of the publications you decide to target, but it also does something equally as important. It provides a measure of how engaged the audience is with the content. Relevant publications with readers who leave comments, share articles on social media, and follow links should be high on your priority list. Your ultimate goal is to get readers to take action, after all, so a high engagement level is a good sign.



 Customize Pitches

Media contacts are generally not impressed with pitches that are emailed in mass. They are very busy and receive lots of requests for attention, so your pitch needs to be special to stand out. PR software helps you do that by giving you relevant information about the topics that the writer likes to talk about. You can easily reference past work and explain how you take a particular narrative to the next level. You can note the form, format and supporting materials favored by the writer and craft you pitch appropriately. Do they always include customer quotes, interesting graphics, or video? If so, you can provide that type of material at the outset.



Take on the Competition

One way to determine which publications and authors to target is to get a handle on who is talking about your competitors.  You may not be able to stop your competitors from getting good press, but you can do a lot to make sure you are part of the story as well.



Find and Leverage Influencers

When we think about earned media, much of the focus is on journalists and people associated with formal publications, but they are not the only ones who have the ear of your audience. Influencers may also be bloggers, people with large social media followings, important customers in an industry, or government officials. They may even be executives in other non-competitive brands. A mention, social share, or comment from an influencer may have as much impact as a formal media mention. The best PR software helps you find the key folks in your industry.


PR software is the only way to cut through the noise of today’s crowded and constantly changing media landscape. We’ve focused today on how it can help you get more and better mentions. In our next post, we’ll dig into what you can do to make those mentions as meaningful as possible to the metrics you use to track PR success.


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