How to Find the Right Journalist for your Brand

August 27, 2015 AJ Bruno: Founder, President

find the right journalist for your brand

Earned media is an important part of the PR strategy for almost every brand. However, with the increasingly complex media environment, it can be difficult to identify the journalists and bloggers who are most likely to write about your organization. (Talk about looking for a needle in a haystack!) 

TrendKite’s media monitoring solution can help. We asked our most successful clients how they use TrendKite to find and connect with writers and publications. Here are a few tips that they shared.

Identify Relevant Industry News

TrendKite can be used to find people who are writing about your industry or related subjects. If they aren’t also writing about your brand, you have uncovered a great target for outreach. Our clients who have been most effective with this approach craft stories that demonstrate how including coverage of the brand will enhance the writer’s industry narrative.

Target Competitor Coverage

If an author or publication is writing about your competitors, there’s a good chance that their audience would be interested in news about your brand as well. Using TrendKite to find competitor coverage helps our clients enhance their media contact list.

Capture all Brand Mentions

Sure, you’ll notice if your company gets a write up in the Wall Street Journal, but can you be sure that you are capturing every mention of your brand, even in blogs or niche publications? TrendKite makes this possible with advanced media monitoring, enabling clients to strengthen their relationship with everyone who writes about the brand.

With so many specialized publications and blogs out there these days, it simply isn’t possible for PR pros to track and react to industry, competitor and brand press without the assistance of technology designed to handle massive amounts of data. That’s why clients turn to TrendKite for help in finding the people who are most likely to help share their messages and news. Let us know if you’d be interested in learning more about how it might work for you.


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