How to Repurpose Your Content for PR

August 31, 2015 Matt Allison: Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

repurpose content for PR

If you’re like most PR professionals, you’ve got a ton on your plate. We’re all super busy these days, so why make more work for ourselves? Why not take the content that your company is already creating and use it for PR? Here are a few tips.

Customer Success Stories Make Great Pitches

Customer case studies and success stories are essential sales enablement tools, but they are also great for pitching media contacts. In fact, if the customer will agree to speak to a reporter, they are among the most useful pitches for journalists. Even simple customer win announcements can be packaged up to create a story about brand momentum in a particular location or industry.

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

The visual content that your marketing team develops like infographics and video can be enormously helpful in engaging your media contacts, social followers and influencers. For example, Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets. Visual content also makes a reporter’s job easier, increasing the attractiveness of pitches that include it.

The Survey Says

We’ve talked before about the usefulness of surveys for PR. If your team is conducting one any way, why not use the results for a press release, e-book, blog and social media posts?

Mine the Blog

Your company blog can be a rich source of ideas for PR. Look for key themes that might be repackaged to tell a compelling story about your brand. Quotes from guest bloggers or brand representatives make great social media posts and can strengthen the power of a press or influencer pitch.

Ponder PowerPoint

One asset that is too often overlooked by PR teams is company presentations. You likely have subject matter experts putting together slides on topics of interest that you never even see. These can be used to find ideas for other content, or when appropriate, they can be shared on SlideShare or other social sites. You might have to do a bit of digging for these (people probably aren’t accustom to thinking of them as PR assets), but you just might find a goldmine.

We’re encouraged to recycle just about everything these days, so we say go for it! Give yourself a break and get the most you can out of every asset.


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