Improving Your PR Reporting in 2016

December 22, 2015 David Moore


Public relations professionals will be under increased pressure in 2016 to show PR’s impact on the organization with ROI focused PR metrics similar to what advertising and marketing departments already provide. Relying on ad value and impressions while providing clippings of key articles is no longer good enough. The problem is, traditional PR software tools and technology capabilities are far behind that of marketing and advertising.

Top PR pros I talk with are digging deeper into data to deliver new PR metrics that include share of voice, website traffic gained and even customers converted as a result of PR efforts. This has required them to search out new PR software tools to help automate their reporting and expand their media monitoring capabilities.

I recently hosted the webinar “How to build PR Reports that Executives will actually Like” with Chris Piper (DriveTime’s Assistant Marketing Director) and Erik Huddleston (TrendKite’s CEO). Chris talked a lot about how he creates an interactive PR report for DriveTime’s Executive team that not only shows the high level information each stakeholder cares about but also allows them to drill into the data to see specific details. You can watch the webinar on-demand here >>

The thing that I found interesting is the shear volume of data that can be generated and how difficult it can be to find the information that matters. Chris was able to use TrendKite’s PR software to filter out the noise and focus on the PR metrics that matter most to his key stakeholders. He was then able to send a digital report to them with a click of a button – something that used to take hours compiling data from multiple sources.

 Getting sucked into a reporting hell trying to provide the information that executive teams need to see is a big risk for public relations with this new push toward ROI focused PR metrics. In 2016, it will become imperative that the PR software tools they use reduce the amount of time spent reporting so PR pros can focus on press relations and driving media engagement.    

What are some of the new PR metrics you are looking to report on in 2016?

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