Introducing New TrendKite Logo

May 20, 2016 Sean Couch


Beginning today, the TrendKite crew will be rolling out a new logo that will be our brand's north star and representation of our sky-high aspirations. 

Analytics_Logo_Example.jpgThe visual change unveiled today is the culmination of our team's effort to find a new look that is faithful to our roots, yet a nod to the future. Like PR and analytics, kites come in all shapes and sizes, but the goal is always to trend up and to the right. Our design team struck a balance that visually tells that story.Kite_Examples_Logo.jpgTo the uninitiated, the updated logo may not seem like a big deal, but we're introducing a bold new logo that will help lead TrendKite into our next phase of growth. We're a fiercely independent company that has a culture fueled by some the brightest and most innovative team members. Our products deserve a logo that best represents that passion.

New_Logo_Placements.jpgTrendKite technology and services continue to revolutionize how the world's biggest brands and media companies measure the impact of their PR. Our new logo will be a stronger beacon for all PR and communication professionals across the globe. TrendKite_New_Logo_Office.jpgBe on the lookout for more great updates from our team and we hope you enjoy our new look. 

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