Introducing Pinpoint Contacts, the Next-Gen Media Contacts

June 20, 2017 Adelle Archer

Journalists are the lifeblood of PR; they are the artists who catalyze our brand awareness, shape the perceptions of our brands, and tell our stories to captivate audiences. There is nothing more important than a well-matched and symbiotic PR pro / journalist relationship.

Yet PR pros lack a way to meet their match. 

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Until today, the best option to find journalists was via a media contact database, which is simply White Pages for PR: a list of names, emails, and generic beats. With a blunt tool like this, it’s impossible to laser in on the right journalists, and co-create really powerful earned media.

Today we’re excited to reveal Pinpoint Contacts, an analytics-driven approach to media contacts that allows PR outreach to become targeted and personal, and enables discovery of just-right journalists.

It’s Time to Ditch the Media contact database!

For so many reasons, the media contact database is working against you, rather than for you. Of course you need access to journalist contact information, but more importantly, you need guidance on the right journalist for your story, which is where media contact databases lead you astray.

Most media contact databases were built by asking journalists what they write about, and capturing their beats one-time in the database. As time goes on and journalists interests evolve, this information (along with their contact addresses), quickly goes out of date. Moreover, since the journalists were broadly categorized from the outset, it was never possible to find journalists based on very specific topics, so they got spammed to death by pitches tangentially related to their area of expertise.

Finally, most media contact databases are stand-alone tools siloed from PR analytics. This deprives you of essential analytics to understand journalists’ impact, and makes for a taxing workflow, where you are constantly switching back and forth between your tools.

Media Contacts Reinvented: Pinpoint Contacts

TrendKite goes far beyond traditional media database capabilities, with a personalized discovery engine to uncover journalists, greater flexibility to get hyper-targeted with your searches, and analytics you’ve never seen before on a journalist level.

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Discovery Engine for Media Contacts

With Pinpoint Contact’s personalized discovery engine, you’re able to uncover new journalists who previously weren’t on your radar.

In fact, it’s a similar experience to your Spotify music app, where they make recommendations of new songs and artists you might like based on songs you’ve recently listened to and saved to playlists.

From the Discover view, we will recommend journalists based on things we know about you - your competitors, your industry, thought leadership topics, and more - and automatically surface the highest impact journalists that you’ve yet to save to a media list.


Fine-tuned by Analytics

Pinpoint Contacts uses performance analytics to automatically surface the highest impact journalists by topic, so you don’t waste your time on unqualified contacts. You can then prioritize contacts based on what you are trying to optimize for:

  • Credibility: Look at total number of articles written to find those who are prolific and credible, and weed out those who have only written a single article in the past 90 days
    Resonance & Mindshare: Prioritize journalist who have a high average social share count for the articles they write, rather than banking on someone who’s only had a single one-hit-wonder
  • Awareness: Target journalists with high SEO Impact scores, because their articles tend to show up at the top of Google News and Google search results, and will get exponentially more eyeballs
  • Reach: If you’re trying to generate awareness, target the journalists who write for high readership publications


Target with perfect precision

Using Pinpoint Contacts, you have marksman-level precision and accuracy in identifying the right media contacts for your initiative. In contrast, using a traditional media contact database is like using a rifle without a scope.

By way of example, let’s say you’re looking for the most influential journalists to endorse “lab-grown diamonds.” Rather than sifting through thousands of journalists who write about “Retail & Jewelry” generally, Pinpoint Contacts will help you identify the top contacts already friendly to lab-grown diamonds.


The Truly Unified Platform

Every PR software with a media contact database built a siloed, stand-alone tool. The only thing “integrated” is the login and invoice. Pinpoint Contacts deeply integrates media contacts through your TrendKite PR Analytics, to create the first truly unified platform.

By way of example, if you are reviewing this morning’s feed of industry coverage and stumble upon a journalist you haven’t heard of, you can favorite that journalist to research them later, without switching contexts.


The Best Technology is Built by Customers

We set out on a mission to turn the media contact database on it’s head, and we knew we wouldn’t be able to do this alone. So we enlisted the help of TrendKite customers like Tom’s Shoes, SXSW, Eventbrite, USAA, and over 100 others to help test the product, give feedback, and shape the near-term and long-term roadmap for all the capabilities to come.

Based on their stamp of approval, we are excited to bring this new product to market, and help journalists and PR professionals get back to meaningful connections.



"For an event like SXSW with over 23 programming tracks that range from Design, Technology, Food and Social Impact, developing relationships with journalists in each of these areas are crucial to our event. The Pinpoint Contacts discovery feature makes it easy for us to expand our relationships with new journalists in each of these areas of interest by searching by topic or their association with journalists we already have close relationships with. With the expansive new features Pinpoint Contacts offers, it will assist us in spreading our reach and circle of journalists within our network."


– Brett Cannon, Senior Publicist, SXSW


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