Kim Kardashian Did Not Break The Internet. How'd She Do vs. Other PR Metrics?

December 15, 2014 Matt Allison: Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

I was really disappointed not to be able to run with this headline, "Major Bummer: Kim Kardashian Breaks the Internet," but alas, it was not to be. The Internet bravely withstood the onslaught of visits to Paper Magazine's nude photo of the reality star's famous behind. It's good to know the world's most important entertainment, productivity, and commerce network is tougher than Kim's tuckus. But, this was a publicity move, so we thought it would be interesting to see how the coverage stood up to other PR metrics.

Total Mentions

Although Kim didn't come anywhere close to breaking the Internet, she did get people talking. In just the first week, there were 3,248 total mentions of the nude photo shoot, with another 2551 the following week. 



Americans, it turns out, are more into Kim than the rest of the world, with 70% of the coverage coming from the United States. 


Top Articles

Kim Kardashian's nude photo stunt was destined for parody. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi created a funny spoof of the photos for their Christmas card where they bare their holiday-decorated backsides. So, instead of Kim Kardashian articles breaking the internet, there may have been more of a risk of the spoofs breaking it.



Share of Voice

It turns out Kim Kardashian didn't even break Kim Kardashian. Of the 27,961 articles that mention her, only 5,805 are related to the stunt. It's Paper Magazine that really got the better end of the bargain, with 4,679 of the 5,623 articles mentioning Paper Magazine, also mentioning Ms. K. That's an 80% uptick in coverage.




Enough about Kim's butt, let's talk about how people feel about Kim's butt. The sentiment analysis is surprisingly neutral. There were a few, "Oh no, she didn'ts," but overall it's pretty much a wash. Maybe that's why the Internet didn't explode. People just didn't feel that strongly about it one way or the other.


I'm sure it won't be long before another celebrity attempts to destroy the information superhighway, and when they do, we'll see if their PR packs more punch than Kim's did. Meanwhile, take a look at our full interactive report on this crisis that was not to be. If you'd like to analyze your own PR efforts, simply and beautifully, we're here to help. 

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