Media Picks NCAA March Madness 2016 Round 1 Winners

March 17, 2016 Sean Couch

NCAA-March-Madness.jpgAre you ready for NCAA March Madness? The regular season has come to an end, and the selection committee has revealed the 68 teams who have made the 2016 men's basketball tournament. People around the world are gearing up and making their winning predictions for one of the biggest sporting events of the year.

To help make our predictions we dove into our platform to see if the media has the right idea on who will walk away victorious. Each round we will be revealing our top picks and see how right the media gets it in the end. 

How We Pick Winners:

Colorado_vs_Connecticut.pngWe do a key message analysis and monitor the vast media landscape for mentions of a word or phrase that is associated with a specific basketball team. This helps us tally a total count and do a side-by-side team comparison for each game. The team who gets the most media mentions will be predicted as the winner of that game.

We think this is a better tactic than any to help predict a winner. We're not a superstitious bunch; we're betting on big data to help us out.

Round 1 Winners:NCAA_2016_Round_1.jpg

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