New TrendKite Feature Announcement: On-Demand Dashboards

April 8, 2016 Adelle Archer

Last week, you saw us release Suggestions. We designed Suggestions to help abstract away a layer of complexity in media monitoring (speaking in IF, AND, NOT jargon), and evolve into a more human realm of calling things what they are: a company, a competitor, a crisis, an executive.

Today, we further streamline media monitoring with the release of on-demand dashboards, that center around your most common questions and needs.


Each on-demand dashboard has just the right charts already selected for you, and intuitively pull in elements you want to monitor: your company, your competitors, your industry, and more.  We started with some of the most commonly used dashboards by TrendKite customers and will continue to add more over time. Here’s what’s available today:

Monthly Coverage Dashboard

This on-demand dashboard has all the essentials for monitoring your brand coverage on a monthly basis. It includes total mentions, quick competitive comparison, social amplification of your monthly coverage, top content that was most engaged with, and a sentiment snapshot.

Competitive Landscape Dashboard: Monthly or Year-to-Date

These dashboards intelligently pull in your top competitors, to give you a monthly or year-to-date view on how you are performing relative to them in terms of sentiment, social amplification, and total mentions over time. The Competitive Landscape Dashboard empowers you to answer questions like, “Who led in coverage during this time frame?” or “Where is our competitors’ coverage being amplified most?" It also makes it easy to drill into competitive coverage, to quickly discover drivers behind peaks in mentions, and learn what you can emulate or avoid about their approach.

At TrendKite, we believe technology should be relatable, intelligent, and enjoyable to use. On-demand dashboards are yet another small step towards humanizing PR software and operating in your world, with many more releases to come.

What other on-demand dashboards would you love to see us add? Let us know in the comments; or if you’re a TrendKite customer, talk to your Customer Success manager.

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