Press Coverage Breakdown of the Tesla Model X

October 10, 2015 Sean Couch

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, introduced the all-electric Model X SUV last week and ever since the press has been buzzing. We decided to take a look at the coverage and created an interactive report to gauge the overall reaction from journalists. Using the TrendKite platform we pulled information that helped us look at total number of mentions, social amplification, share of voice, and messaging.

Big take aways from our report are the key messages or themes reporters have decided to focus on which include:

Elon Musk the Outspoken CEO & Cult Leader

You can't mention Tesla without talking about the company's leader and industry pioneer, Elon Musk. He has a cult following that some compare to Apple's product evangelists. Musk has prompted fans to attend his rockstar events and inspired them to become huge product advocates. Just check out the beautiful unofficial brand video a fan made that we discovered through our report.


Musk does not shy away from sharing his opinions - those moments in and of itself can generate immense press buzz. In addition to his recent Model X announcement, Musk also recently shared more details about upcoming products on social media, but we will get into that below.

Falcon Wing Doors!



Tesla features the amazing Falcon Doors in every Model X demo you can find on the internet. No one can seem to get enough of them, even the press. In fact, these doors were mentioned in over 400 articles that were shared over 80,000 times! These doors have anxious fans hoping that the feature will make an appearance in other models. In response to one fan, Elon Musk tweeted that the doors will in fact be integrated into other models. Musk has since deleted the Tweet, but the press still discovered this content.

Is the Model X Too Expensive?

While the overall reaction from the press has been positive, will people actually buy the Model X? Morgan Stanley analysts think it's too pricey and lowered their price target on Tesla's stock to $450 from $465. Analysts explain that the price far exceeds the Tesla Model S and lowered their delivery forecast by 5,000 to 10,000 units from from next year through 2018.

However, Bloomberg will tell you that the Model X pricing is a "safe $132,000 bet" that will make plenty of people happy until a lower priced model is eventually released. They argue that the overall savings in fuel costs and in maintenance that most other luxurious cars encounter outweighs the upfront cost of the vehicle. Furthermore, they've been told by Tesla executives that a lower base model will cost significantly less than the signature model we've all been shown.

Overall Analysis

Tesla should be happy with the launch of the Model X. The press coverage the company received far exceeded other relevant competitors and journalists have created content that readers have actively shared. In fact, news about the Model X has been shared over 300,000 times across Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Make sure to check out our report here and take a deeper dive into the data we've pulled.


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