[Social Media] A PR Beginners Guide to Peach

January 29, 2016 Matt Allison: Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

A PR beginners guide to PeachWatch out Instragram and SnapChat, there’s a new app in town. Brought to you by the creator of Vine, Peach is the latest social app taking iOS devices by storm.

Basic Features

Peach is centered around the easy sharing of video, images, gifs and user created drawings. Like Facebook, users have “friends” on Peach and in order to “like” or comment on a post, you must be friends with someone. There’s also a feature similar to the old “Poke” feature in Facebook. In Peach, users can “wave,” “boop,” and even send cake to each other.  Instead of a newsfeed, Peach presents users with a list that shows when friends have posted something. You need to click to see the full post.

Magic Words

Peach introduces the idea of “Magic Words.”  Similar to commands in Slack, magic words trigger different types of posts within Peach. You simply type in command phrases to generate different types of features for your messages. If you type "gif," then a search bar with a bunch of gif options instantly appears, and you can easily post a baby giraffe gif for your friends.


Peach also includes a friend-of-friends feed that lets you see some of what the friends of your friends are posting.  Once you have established a base of friends, this feature widens your audience and generates new friend requests.

Will it Be Useful for Brands?

The app has only been around since January 8th and right now, it is not available for Android, so it is very hard to say whether it will catch on or flame out, but it does have a sleek, modern feel and some brands are having early success at gaining engagement. (Buffer shared the story of Niv Dror of Product Hunt, who seems to be excited by the app’s potential.)

Only time will tell if Peach will be the next big thing in social media and messaging, but it is worth getting to know it. Check it out for free on the iTunes App Store


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