Take 5 Live with Pam Zapata

August 27, 2020 Sarah Parker

For our latest Take 5 Live on Instagram Live, we sat down with Pam Zapata, Founder & CEO of Society Eighteen, a boutique influencer management agency specializing in diversity. 

You can catch the full conversation on LinkedIn or on our Take 5 Live page (where you can also find any previous conversations you missed!), and we're sharing a few highlights below. 

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1. What is influencer marketing? 

A type of marketing that focuses on key digital content creators to drive a brand's messaging to a key, niche audience that a brand wants to reach or expand their reach with, depending on their goals. 

There are different types and tiers of influencers too; everything from micro-influencers to the bigger influencers you might think of when you hear the term. 

2. How does a brand know if influencer marketing is right for them? 

Most brands can really benefit from influencer marketing and it really just depends on what their goals and objectives are—  and ultimately how you're going to measure success. That should tell you what your KPIs are and how you should go about shaping future strategy and campaigns. 

3. How do you measure the ROI of influencer marketing?  

Again: What are your goals and objectives? Are you just trying to get your brand out to a wider audience? Are you trying to drive more purchases or other brand conversions? 

Be sure you're creating a strategy around your goals and expectations and that those are made clear to everyone throughout the process. The campaign manager or influencer needs to know what they're responsible for reporting, what the goals are to hit, etc. 

And don't forget that influencers are the experts on their own audience. Don't let ideas about what a campaign "should" look like get in the way of their creativity and execution; that's why you're tapping them in the first place! 

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