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October 20, 2020 Shana Ferriby

Cision's MultiVu virtual events

Zoom happy hours are one thing (you were already drinking on the couch, right?), but how do you have a town hall when the townsfolk aren’t allowed to gather? Can you replicate the face-time and camaraderie you get when you gather the whole company together? How do you manage questions from hundreds of people? Most importantly, how do you do all of that without losing your mind?

Cision’s MultiVu has been producing virtual events for years. While we may not currently be able to bring a full production to the USS Intrepid, the New York Stock Exchange, or your corporate HQ we can still offer you a high-end production from your house to your global audience. The MultiVu team is currently producing internal events like town halls, private events like investor meetings, and large public events like awards ceremonies and nationwide fundraisers.

An example of a MultiVu-produced virtual event. 

Our team will work with you to find a great solution to keep your message and mission on track.

Once you schedule your Virtual Live Webcast (or virtual media tour!), our production team will work with your spokespeople to help identify and prepare the best background “set” in their home, adjust the lighting to a level that is most flattering, and test their connection for stability. We’ll ship them any recording equipment they may need and guide them through the entire set-up process. We can supply them with some tips and make-up tricks for the camera and help them assess the best outfit to give the look and feel that is important to your brand.

If you’d like to prerecord sections, we can direct that as well. We’ve still got all the normal options for taking questions, keeping your event private, and making available any supporting materials.

Once the cameras are ready to roll, your speaker(s) can focus on delivering your messaging while we monitor the event from a tech perspective. Congratulations! All they have to remember now are a few best practices:

  • Speak naturally and clearly. Don’t rush.
  • Look at the camera or above during the Webcast.
  • Be prepared to answer any questions as needed.
  • Be concise; get your messages out clearly.
  • Have a glass/bottle of water nearby.
  • If the Speaker needs talking points, call to action, or any other reminders, it is recommended to have them printed (poster board/white board) and positioned above the computer camera.

If you’re sitting on a big event you’d like to take in a new or different direction, let us help! We’re just a short form away from customizing your next virtual live webcast.

An example of a MultiVu-produced virtual event. 

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Shana Ferriby

Shana has 10 years of experience in webcasting. She has worked with clients worldwide on large scale projects. Shana manages the Webcast team and all aspects of the service to make the customer experience seamless. Before joining MultiVu, she worked with the client services team at PR Newswire.

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