Top 5 Reasons PR Software Should be on Your Priority List for 2015

December 26, 2014 Matt Allison: Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

shutterstock_178218077Santa’s not the only one who makes a list and checks it twice. Professionals in all lines of business use this time of year to catalog and prioritize goals for the next year. If you are a PR professional working for an agency or a brand, we’ve got 5 good reasons PR software should be on your priority list for 2015.

1 – Manual Media Analysis Means Missed Opportunities

There are simply too many publications, blogs, social networks and authors for humans, without technical assistance, to identify and act on every opportunity for brand coverage. Not only does PR software help you find good matches between your brand, writers and outlets, it also helps prioritize your outreach by identifying which ones have the most potential and the best penetration into the audience you want to reach.

2 – PR is a 24x7, 365 Job

Not that you have to work every minute, but effective PR requires fast action when an opportunity or a crisis presents itself. PR software lets you manage this responsibility, while still having a life, by alerting you when events that match parameters you set occur. This means you don’t have to jump up from you dinner every time a news item hits the wire, but you won’t miss the important stuff, which otherwise can get buried under all the noise.

3 – Clients and Bosses Want Data

Making data driven decisions is becoming increasingly the norm in every part of business. PR is no exception. Your client, whether internal or external, will need data to justify the continued investment in public relations. You’ll need to present baseline metrics as well as results over time if you want to protect your budget.

4 – Outputs Are Out and Outcomes are In

Speaking of measuring results, the way that the impact of PR is judged has shifted. The old output measurements like Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) did not accurately measure the effectiveness and value of PR. Leaders are turning to outcomes, such as website visits, conversions, leads and revenue to determine PR’s true impact. PR software helps you do this easily and precisely.

5 – Life’s too Short for PowerPoint

If you put PR software high on your priority list for 2015, 2014 can be the last year you toiled away in Excel and PowerPoint creating reports to communicate your efforts. The best PR software automatically creates beautiful, interactive reports that showcase your success. This both improves your chances of staying sane, and lets you spend your time on more important strategic activities.

We talk to PR pros every day and know that the list of things to get done can be overwhelming. Moving PR software to the top, however will help you tackle much of the rest of the list faster and more effectively. Best wishes from our team to yours for an exceptional New Year.

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