Top 7 Productivity Tools for PR Pros

April 21, 2015 Matt Allison: Founder, Chief Strategy Officer


Being productive isn’t something that just happens; you try new things over time, learn what works and keep doing more of it. For example, productivity doesn’t happen until my second cup of coffee in the morning. So in the spirit of making the everyday relevant for PR pros, I thought it was time to roll out my own list of apps that we use internally here at TrendKite, or see our customer’s using, to increase PR productivity.

  1. CloudEntr by Gemalto:
    CloudEntr is a password management and single sign-on application that helps you better manage the blessing and the curse of “there’s an app for that”. With the explosion of passwords we need to remember on a daily basis to do our jobs, CloudEntr helps you manage all the logins to your web applications from a single place. Imagine having to only remember a single password to access all your business applications as well as your client’s. Well here you go.
  2. Asana:
    Asana is a project and task management tool that promises to rid your business of email…as far as collaboration is concerned anyway. We love Asana because it’s really a super simple way to manage your projects, your day, your clients, etc. The trick is to get total buy in from everyone on your team, or in your company, because the magic really happens when the entire team adopts it. Believe me, you won’t miss using your inbox as your to-do list.
  3. Sidekick by Hubspot:
    Sidekick is a magic browser extension that gives PR pros big insight into knowing when emails are read, where and on what type of device. It’s beyond helpful to know if and when your emails are getting read when sending pitches to journalists or follow-ups to clients. It might feel a little weird at first, but believe me when you call someone right after you see they've opened your email, and they actually answer, that feeling will fade fast.
  4. RescueTime:
    RescueTime does exactly what the name suggest, helps to rescue wasted time. It runs in the background of your computer or mobile device and tracks the time spent on any application and website to give you a look how an entire days’ worth of work is spent. This is particularly useful when tracking client time, without having to actually track client time, but also to see when you’re most and least productive.
  5. Buffer:
    Social media publishing tools seemed to be a bit of religion when we talked with some of our customers. Having used a lot of them I find that Buffer is the easiest to use personally as well as professionally. And in my book easy means more productive. It allows PR professionals to write a ton of posts at one time, choose which social media outlets to post and when. I think their mobile app is one of the better ones as well.
  6. Doodle:
    Doodle is such a simple idea, but has made my life significantly easier, which again, is another way to say more productive. Doodle eliminates that scheduling dance you do when trying to set meetings or appointments with people outside your company. Others can see your availability and choose a time that works for them, or poll them for a preferred time, instead of the back and forth over email.
  7. Box:
    Most of you are probably already using some kind of cloud storage, but I would have been remiss not including Box in this list. Box is the defacto way we, and a lot of our customers, store and share documents. I also like that it’s more secure than Google Docs in that you have better access control over who can access documents – even password protect them if necessary – which also makes your client’s feel better about how you’re handling their potentially sensitive information.

I know there are a lot more than 7, but our analytics guy says odd numbers are better for blog readership, and these were also the ones that I can personally vouch for. I hope you also noticed the dignified restraint I used not to put our PR analytics software in here to make it number 8. There’s no doubt that measuring the impact of your PR efforts gives a boost to your overall productivity </shameless self promotion>.

And finally don’t be shy, if you’ve got some recommendations put them in comments section below.

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