Top Super Bowl 50 Brand Commercials According to Media Buzz

February 8, 2016 Sean Couch


The Super Bowl is over, and the Denver Broncos have been crowned the champions, but which brand came away with a victory? Analytics firm iSpot.TV said the game generated 476 million online video views and 5.8 million social actions associated with ads that ran during the game.

We took a look at the media coverage in our platform to see which brands left an impression with viewers. Overall the Super Bowl saw almost 170,000 total mentions in the media which resulted in over 9 million social media shares.

After applying some quick filters to sort through all of the data, we discovered the top five brands that saw the strongest additional media coverage and social amplification. 


Top 5 Brands Based on Total Media Mentions

1. Doritos - Crash the Super Bowl Ad

2. T-Mobile - Restriced Bling & Drop The Balls Ads


3. Heinz - Weiner Stampede Ad

4. Hyundai - First Date & Ryanville Ads

5. Bud Light - Bud Light Party Ad 


Want to dive deeper into the Super Bowl 50 media coverage? Check out the full Super Bowl 50 PR interactive report here

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