TrendKite Launches New Metric: Article Impact

October 12, 2016 Adelle Archer

Today, TrendKite announces a new measurement capability, Article Impact, to make it easier to rank coverage and discover your quality PR content.

During the past several years, we’ve seen a real shift in the way TrendKite customers like Hershey’s, Kawasaki, and M&C Saatchi are thinking about and measuring their PR. In the past, there was a “more is more” mindset, so PR teams were optimizing for and obsessing over total mentions.


As Marketing has shifted to become more performance driven (focused on results rather than activities), PR too has moved to thinking about quality over quantity. This makes sense, because not all mentions are created equal. Brands like Reebok get hundreds of thousands of mentions a month, but very few of those mentions are truly moving the needle for them.


To identify their top content, we observed TrendKite customers sorting their media mentions by different PR metrics like social shares, readership, and sentiment. That helped them to discover the articles driving awareness, engagement, and shaping brand reputation.


While social shares, readership, and sentiment are all desirable qualities for PR coverage, no one of these single metrics fully points to the coverage that matters most. After all, it’s a combination of qualities that makes a mention truly valuable (high readership, high social share, very positive sentiment).

TrendKite Launches a New Metric: Article Impact

For executives and PR professionals who need to quickly understand which coverage matters most, we’ve created Article Impact, the overview metric that blends readership, social amplification, and sentiment into one single metric.


Unlike individual PR metrics, it offers a simple way to rank your coverage, and offers a more complete picture of which mentions are most valuable. And unlike legacy ‘black-box’ impact scores, you can see exactly what variables influence the metric, rather than trusting the validity of a hidden formula.

Here are a few different ways you can use the Article Impact metric:

  • Identify your top articles
    • To share with prospects
    • To Amplify on social
    • To put paid advertising behind
  • Benchmark your coverage quality versus your competitors
  • Glean best practices from aspirational companies’ highest ranked articles

Bonus: High Article Impact = Greater SEO Impact

PR isn’t the only Marketing discipline with a new mandate of “quality.” As Google’s search algorithm has matured, it’s evolved to place more emphasis on quality, relevance, and authority of content and backlinks. PR is now one of the greatest allies for the SEO team, because the higher-quality your PR coverage, the better your brand’s ranking in search. Google rewards you for being mentioned in high readership publications, and sees social amplification as organic interest in your brand. Consequently, high impact articles are also driving SEO results!

GoogleAnalytics_Ebook_banner.jpgNot a TrendKite customer, but interested in knowing which of your mentions have highest Article Impact? We’ll show you for free and help you brainstorm how you can amplify that coverage further.


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