What are “Golden” PR Opportunities Exactly?

December 17, 2015 Max Bergen

Whare are golend PR opportunitiesThe other day in our post on how to prioritize if you are a PR team of one, I mentioned that you should be on the lookout for, and prioritize “golden” opportunities. A few folks have asked for more details on what makes a golden opportunity in PR. It’s a good question. Here’s how I define them.

Golden PR Opportunities are Organic

We all know that sometimes you have to go ahead and manufacture some PR. That’s part of the grind of the job and it’s necessary, but not golden. Golden PR opportunities are organic and not driven by you. They arise when something outside of your control happens that fits perfectly with your brand’s story.

Here’s a great example. During Euro 2004, an enormously popular and well published soccer tournament, Swiss referee Urs Meier disallowed a late goal, terminating England’s future in the tournament.  British supermarket chain Asda, seized the moment to piggyback on the coverage by offering free eye tests to Swiss citizens.

Golden PR Opportunities are Time Sensitive

Golden opportunities, like the light shining on a dewy blade of grass are fleeting. They come and go so fast that you usually don’t have any idea you’ve missed them. You have to be decisive and act quickly if you want two take advantage of a convergence of circumstances that can help your brand.

One day in 2012 James Baggott, who just happens to be the co-founder of Car Dealer magazine, and a frequent contributor to its content, took to Twitter to complain that a series of unusual circumstances had left him without a car for the day. “What am I supposed to do? Walk?” he tweeted. Someone at the Czech car manufacturer Skoda had their eye on the ball. Within minutes they replied to the tweet offering to lend Baggott a car for the day. They even threw in a sandwich and some flowers for his wife. What a great way to get a little free pub and get on the good side of someone who is in the position to talk about your brand. It wouldn’t have worked if they hadn’t noticed the tweet right away.

Golden PR Opportunities are Rare

As you can see, a golden opportunity is an unusual alignment of circumstances. They don’t happen very often and are easily missed. The right traditional and social media monitoring tools can help ensure that you notice when it happens.

Here’s hoping that your holidays are filled with PR gold.


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