What Multi-device Consumers Mean for PR Professionals

May 27, 2015 Matt Allison: Founder, Chief Strategy Officer


According to Cisco, there are already more mobile devices on earth than people. This doesn’t surprise me a bit since, like most of us, I look around my desk and see a tablet, a smart phone and a laptop and I seem to use each of them almost every single day. Analysts project that more than 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected by 2020. This rise of the multi-device consumer presents both opportunities and challenges for PR professionals and agencies. Those who are able to adapt to this new connected reality will outperform the competition and excel, those who don’t make this adjustment will not fare as well. Here are a few things that modern PR pros need to keep in mind.


Marketers have been saying for years that “content is king,” if so, then context is the dynasty. People create and consume differently depending on context. Your audience will engage differently with your brand if they are sitting at their desk using a laptop as opposed to using a smart phone on the train. That’s why it is important to have a strategy for creating and promoting a wide variety content that fits with into the context of how it is being viewed.


Our connected culture has led to a massive increase in the volume of content and data available to your audience. YouTube users upload 48 hours of new video every minute of the day. If that didn’t blow your mind, think about this – Twitter averages around 6,000 tweets per second. That’s 500 million tweets per day and about 200 billion tweets per year. (Check out this awesome Twitter stats page for more details and a live counter.) The challenge for PR pros is to make your brand’s voice stand out among the staggering amount of noise.


Because so much content is viewed and shared through social media on mobile devices, developing an influencer strategy is essential to reaching modern audiences. In fact, a recent survey of millennials found that they are almost as likely to be introduced to a new product through social media as television. The people that your audience follow, read, and respect are your route to influencing potential customers.


According to a recent report, 88% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Multi-device customers have an unprecedented ability to find out what others are saying about your brand whether they are making the buying decision at their desk or in the store. Not only that, they can easily post their own opinions about their experience with your company immediately. Active reputation management is a serious responsibility for PR professionals and we must seek new and creative ways to earn and promote a sterling reputation.

We've all heard that the only constant is change and that’s certainly true in PR. New technologies, trends, and buyer behaviors require us to frequently transform our strategies and tactics. The pace of change isn’t likely to slow down, so take a deep breath and hold on for the ride.

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