Who’s Your Subject Matter Expert?

January 28, 2016 Max Bergen

Who's your subject matter expertOne of the biggest challenges for modern marketers and PR pros is creating and promoting enough fresh, original and useful content. We’ve written before about the need to prioritize quality over quantity and to repurpose content as much as possible, but a certain amount of original content is essential. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. Subject matter experts both inside and outside of your organization can help you generate assets and grow your audience. Here are a few ideas about how to leverage their knowledge.

Ask for a Briefing

Subject matter experts (SMEs) can give you tremendous insight into what’s going on in a particular niche. They often have information that isn’t commonly known and they can provide useful predictions about what is to come. Even if the SME is unable or unwilling to be quoted or to write content for your brand, a conversation about trends and events in the space can spark great content ideas.

Enrich Your Blog with Guest Posts

Guest posts by subject matter experts enhance your blog in a number of ways. They bring a level of credibility and trust that is hard to achieve any other way. They also offer a different point of view, making your blog more interesting.

Leverage Their Network

Subject matter experts are often thought leaders and influencers. Many have developed a significant social following. When you produce assets together, their audience naturally becomes your audience and your content will have a much broader reach. Even if the SME doesn’t specifically endorse or mention your product, the association can be a boost to your reputation.

Increase Event Attendance

It is almost a requirement to have subject matter experts participate in in-person and online events. Having them speak, participate as panelists, or even moderate a session is an effective way to get people excited about what they will take away from your event.

Subject matter experts can be a big boon to your PR and content marketing efforts. They should certainly play an important role in your 2016 strategy.

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