Why Agencies Need PR Software

January 15, 2015 AJ Bruno: Founder, President

shutterstock_194719343The role of a PR agency is to provide both strategic guidance and tactical support for clients looking to share their stories and messages with the public. Therefore, it stands to reason that PR agencies would benefit from deploying some of the same tools that in-house PR teams leverage. PR software is one solution that can help PR firms, and their clients, become more successful. Here are a few of the reasons public relations agencies benefit from PR technology solutions.

Attract Clients

Even before a brand retains the services of a PR agency, a software solution can help develop a sense of trust between the two. Account managers can use PR software to develop a “before” picture for prospective clients, serving the twin goals of communicating the agency’s intelligence about the brand and identifying PR weak areas that the agency can set out to address.

Improve Results

PR agencies flourish when their clients do. Software that provides intelligence about the media landscape and helps agencies better match pitches with the preferences and editorial calendars of authors, can dramatically improve results. A few important earned media wins can cement a client relationship.

Data Driven Investment Justification

A PR investment was once a hard sell to financial minded buyers because there were few clear metrics with which to measure it. PR software has gone a long way to eliminate this problem and tie PR investments and activities to concrete results such as, improved website traffic, an increase in new leads, more social engagement, and contribution to the bottom line.


Public relations is a labor intensive endeavor, no matter how you look at it. For many agencies this means they can’t add clients without adding staff, making it hard to scale or become more profitable. PR software helps by automating certain time-consuming, yet important tasks like reporting and media monitoring. When these activities are supported by technology, agency staff has more time to devote to strategic thinking, and more bandwidth to support a greater number of clients.

The short version is that a successful PR firm must attract, delight and retain clients. Growing firms must do all three in the most efficient way possible. While nothing can guarantee success, PR software can serve as one of the most important members of any agency team.

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