Your Holiday Season PR Checklist

November 13, 2015 AJ Bruno: Founder, President

Holiday PR ChecklistLike it or hate it, the holidays are upon us. You probably still have Halloween candy laying around, but now is the time to put your holiday PR strategy in motion. Here are a few of the opportunities that you won’t want to miss.

Special Promotions, Pricing or Product Offers

Many brands roll out promotions, discounts or new offers during the holiday season. Be sure to work closely with the marketing department to be sure that these announcements reach all of the appropriate channels. Media outreach may or may not make see as part of your plan.

Service and Philanthropy

The holidays inspire many brands to give back to the community. Leverage those opportunities to talk about the good your organization does throughout the year. Consider a campaign that will help others support causes that your organization cares about.

Event Tie-ins

Be sure to develop a publicity plan around any events that your brand will participate in. Even if your business is not a small business, for example, you might leverage Small Business Saturday as an opportunity to demonstrate your support for locally owned businesses.

End of the Year Wrap Ups

November – January is the perfect time to craft content and pitches that summarize what’s gone on in your company and industry during this year, and to predict what will happen next.

Social Media Automation

Let’s face it, we all get very busy during the holiday season and it’s easy to let things like social media posting fall through the cracks. Of course, some posts need to be spontaneous, but it is a great idea to schedule as many as possible in advance so that the frequency of your posting isn’t hurt by other distractions.

Relationship Building

The holidays are a great time for strengthening your relationship with media contacts, clients, vendors and others. It is the perfect opportunity to express gratitude and convey warm wishes.


Make sure that customers and others have the information they need about your holiday schedule. (This year REI, Costco and others have turned their holiday scheduling into a campaign of its own.) You should also consider your personal plans and alert media contacts about your availability during the next couple of months. There should always be a designated PR contact on call in case of a crisis.

Your PR Year in Review

Set aside some time to analyze the impact that PR has had on your brand this year. Which strategies moved the needle on measurable outcomes the most? What were the weak areas and how will you address them in 2016? Don’t forget to promote your successes internally.

Santa has a list and now, so do you. It has just one more item. Have a delightful holiday season!

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