Donald Trump Wins 45th Presidency...If Total Media Mentions Counted

December 15, 2015 Sean Couch


If we only counted total media mentions instead of votes and the election were held today, Donald J. Trump would be the 45th president of the United States.

Since Trump announced his presidential campaign back in June, the GOP candidate has seen tremendous coverage from the media. That content has been amplified across social media over 100 million times! Trump's controversial tactics and statements have placed him way ahead of other candidates in total media exposure, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down.

We created an interactive PR report to breakdown how the media has reacted to his presidential campaign and showcased some of the interesting data below.

Total Mentions (June 2015 - Today)



Share of Voice (June 2015 - Today)


Top 5 Share of Voice Over Time Rankings: (June 2015 - Today)

1). Donald Trump: 26% - 2,180,277 Total Mentions

2). Hillary Clinton: 15% - 1,269,383 Total Mentions

3). Barack Obama: 16% - 1,297,473 Total Mentions

4). Jeb Bush: 10% - 812,104 Total Mentions

5). Ben Carson: 8% - 636,771 Total Mentions


Key Messages (June 2015 - Today)



Social Amplification (June 2015 - Today)


Check out the full PR Interactive report to dive deeper into more media content.


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