Top 10 Most Popular National Parks in the Media

August 25, 2016 Sean Couch

NPS_Centennial.jpg100 years ago today President Woodrow Wilson signed into law the National Park Service Organic Act, which created the National Park Service to conserve natural and historical land found in the United States.

Today there are 58 national parks in the United States with over 80 million total acres to explore. Each has its unique majestic beauty to marvel, but like any company or non-profit, there are those products or parks that stand out from the crowd.

Using TrendKite's media monitoring tools, we identified the top 10 most popular national parks in the media right now that are helping bring awareness to an important service that helps maintain our national heritage.

1). Yosemite National Park - 6,488 Media MentionsYosemite_Park.jpg2). The Grand Canyon - 5,161 Media MentionsGrand_Canyon.jpg3). Yellowstone National Park - 4,905 Media MentionsYellowstone.jpg4). Grand Teton National Park - 2,512 Media MentionsGrand_Teton.jpg5). Glacier National Park - 1,394 Media MentionsGlacier_Park.jpg6). Joshua Tree National Park - 1,199 Media MentionsJoshua_Tree.jpg7). Zion National Park - 1,127 Media MentionsZion_Park.jpg8). Olympic National Park - 594 Media MentionsOlympic_Park.jpg9). Cuyahoga National Park - 371 Media MentionsCuyahoga_Park.jpg10).  Rocky Mountains National Park - 335 Media MentionsRocky_Mountains.jpg

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