7 Advantages of PR Software for Agencies

December 10, 2014 Matt Allison: Founder, Chief Strategy Officer

shutterstock_211160746It is an interesting time to be in the business of PR. The rise of content marketing and most brand’s focus on inbound demand generation has created new opportunities for PR agencies to partner with clients. Earned media and influencer relations are more important than ever.  Agencies that are able to embrace this new media/marketing landscape are well positioned to succeed. PR software can help agencies navigate this new digital reality and exceed client expectations.

Attract New Clients

Prospective clients come to you most likely because of your reputation and record of past performance. Your track record is your calling card, but once you are engaged in discussions with a prospect, they want to know specifically how you can help them.  PR software for agencies can help.

  • Industry Insight – Even if you have never had a client in the industry before, PR software can give you a feel for industry trends, publications, influencers, and events. You can satisfy prospects that you are well prepared to represent them in their specific space.
  • Competitive Analysis – With PR software, you can quickly assess the PR strategy of your prospect’s competitors. You can determine what has been most impactful for these brands and make recommendations based on what you discover.

Competitive PR Report

Improve Retention

Once clients are onboard, PR software can be an effective tool for keeping them over the long run.

  • Measurement – Traditionally, demonstrating the impact of PR investments has been difficult. PR software gives you the opportunity to show clients exactly what you have accomplished so that you can demonstrate your value to the brand. This makes selling your agency internally easier for your customer.
  • Results – In addition to measuring results, PR software helps you improve them.  With daily news alerts, you can catch on to trending topics and uncover opportunities for story pitches. You also get a wealth of insight into the reporters, bloggers and other influencers who might write about related topics. You can carefully align and time your outreach based on real-time data.

Become More Efficient

Let’s face it, there’s a limit to how much you and your staff can do in a day. Saying that public relations is labor intensive is an understatement. Automating parts of the job allows you to focus on strategic thinking rather than routine tasks.

  • Reporting – Producing reports for clients is an important responsibility of PR agencies, but it doesn’t have to involve Excel and PowerPoint. Advanced PR software automatically generates beautiful, interactive reports that can be white labeled and shared with clients.
  • Monitoring Media monitoring is critical, of course, but sorting through all the noise to identify really important coverage can be an efficiency killer. PR software for agencies makes it much easier by leveraging custom media dashboards to filter content based on criteria that you set for what is important.  The best solutions get smarter over time as they learn your preferences and flag stories that should get your attention.
  • Relationships – The less time you spend on reporting and monitoring, the more time you can spend building deeper relationships with clients and providing strategic guidance that really adds value to each of the brands you represent.

Technology will never replace skilled PR professionals, but it can be a tremendously valuable asset. Agencies that leverage software have a leg up in today’s digital, connected and agile environment.

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