Introducing TrendKite Story Kit

July 12, 2018 Matthew Heng

PR pros outnumber journalists five to one. That means journalists receive thousands of pitches and hundreds of thousands of emails and phone calls from PR pros every day. With that amount of noise, it can be difficult to rise above the din and connect with the journalists interested in covering your brand.

With today's release of TrendKite Story Kit, PR pros now have a digital-first way to deliver the information and assets journalist need to write a compelling story.  Communications teams can now accurately gauge interest with engagement metrics and receive one-click positive or negative feedback as part of your pitching process.  Journalists, on the other hand, get data-driven predictive insights into the potential performance of the story, it's potential resonance with their audience and insights into their previous content performance.

Storytelling for the Digital PR Professional

Story Kit allows you to gather the relevant content a journalist will need (background info, quotes, available interviews, and supporting media) to build a modern story on deadline.

Unparalleled Insight Into Journalist Engagement

Story Kit lets you track journalist interest and engagement so you know if and when they're reading your Story Kit, if they've downloaded images, or engaged with your links. You will even know which journalists are actively viewing your Story Kit in real time.

The ability to not only know that a journalist has shown interest in a story, but know exactly how much interest they might have enables you to easily prioritize which journalists you follow up with and build relationships with, and waste less time sending emails to track down stories that won't materialize.

Become an enabler of stories, not a gatekeeper

Story Kit empowers journalists to become participants in the pitching process. Journalists can give communications professionals one-click feedback about their interest in the pitch. No need to write an email, no need to draft a request for more info, just a simple click to follow up.

 Because it's integrated with Pinpoint Contacts, Story Kit delivers predictive and past insights into their average impact and Social Amplification.  To better help Journalists understand how the story will resonate with their audience, Story Kit automatically benchmarks demographics and social amplification to paint a more complete picture of the potential impact and reach of their stories.

Interested in adding Story Kit to your existing TrendKite subscription or seeing how TrendKite's Digital PR tools can empower your team?

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