7 Free or Low Cost Online PR Software Tools to Check Out

November 13, 2014 AJ Bruno: Founder, President

toolkitOf course, we believe that TrendKite offers the most robust and effective solution for media monitoring, competitive analysis, ROI calculation and PR reporting available. But there are a lot of additional activities that PR professionals and agencies must manage that fall outside of the scope of PR software. Fortunately, there are a bunch of great online tools designed to help with these other tasks. We’d like to introduce you to a few.

Competitive PR Intelliegence Tool

TrendKite offers a free competitive PR intellegence tool that lets you compare your brands coverage to any competitor. You just need to enter your brand name and the competitor you would like to benchmark your PR performance against and you will recieve an interactive PR report showing share of voice, media mentions over time and even social amplification of your mentions!

24-7 Press Release

24-7 Press Release is a press release distribution and placement service. It has a large distribution network and makes press releases discoverable by the major search engines. Prices start at under $50 per release, making it an excellent choice for organizations with tight budgets or those that release news frequently.


HARO stands for Help a Reporter Out. It is a service that connects reporters with potential sources for stories. Authors submit information about their story and the type of sources they are looking for. Subscribers receive a digest of all the requests via email three times a day. If your brand or client is a good fit for any of the requests, you simply reply and make your pitch. The email subscription is free. There are also other value added services available for a nominal fee.


Buzzsumo is an online tool that analyzes the most frequently shared content across all the major social networks. You can search for a topic and instantly see the most shared content across Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest. It also provides information on the influencers who are sharing content. Basic use is free and advanced features are available for a monthly fee.


Guestr connects website owners with guest bloggers. It is a great way to both find guest bloggers for your brand and to make yourself or someone from the brand available as a guest blogger for other related sites in exchanged for a backlink and a bio. Guestr is currently free.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

This free tool will analyze your headline and give you a score based on the total number of words with emotional marketing value. The approach is based on research into which words resonate with readers and set an emotional tone for content.  In addition to the score, the tool also tells you which emotion your headline most impacts.

Hemmingway Editor

The Hemmingway App analyzes your writing for overly complex sentences, hard to read passages, overuse of adverbs and other common problems that make written communication less clear. It also tells you the lowest education level someone would need to understand your text. It’s free and a great way to improve the effectiveness of your writing.


Factbrowser is a search engine that only returns results with facts, stats, reports, surveys, and studies on business and technology. It helps you find "hard" data that can make your arguments and pitches stronger. Backing up your point of view with reasearch lends credibility and interest to your story.

We hope you find these tools as helpful as we do. Let us know if there are any others we should take for a spin.   


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