Sessions Marketers and PR Pros Should Attend During SXSW Interactive

March 7, 2016 Sean Couch


There is so much to see and do during SXSW, and if you don't come prepared, you can quickly get consumed by the seemingly endless amount of events that take place.

One of the best parts of SXSW is the enormous amount of industry leading brain power that converges in Austin. If you know where to look, you just might walk away with a treasure trove of information that can help you solve big business problems.

To help break through the noise, below is a strong list of sessions marketers and public relations professionals might want to consider checking out:

Day 1: Friday, March 11

11:00 AM

Big Data and AI: Sci-Fi vs Everday Applications

Digital Media Strategy for NBA Championship Teams

Keeping the Buzz Going After the Crowd Goes Home

Like a Boss: Track Success with Google Analytics

Lerer's Theory of Media Evolution

12:30 PM

The Next Multibillion Opp: Marketing in Messaging

2:00 PM

Newsopalypse: Can Digital Really Sustain Media?

3:30 PM

No More Mr Tough Guy: Brands Putting People First

Product With Purposes: How Indie Brands Go Big

The Rise of The Visual Strategist

5:00 PM 

Digital Marketing in the Age of Influencers

The New Marketing of Brands: Body Image and Gender

When Your Photos Become News

Day 2: Saturday, March 12

9:30 AM 

The Art of Mobile Persuasion

Content Creation and the Future of Sports TV

11:00 AM

#Movements: When a Hashtag Breaks the News

12:30 PM

Can Companies Be Activists?

The Future of Media Companies

New York Times Reality Through VR-Tinted Glasses

Why Your Content Needs to Disappear

Traditional's and New Media's Impact on the 2016 Election

2:00 PM

Brand Stories on Periscope and Meerkat

3:30 PM

Traditional Charity is Dead

Content Now! Stop Advertising, Start Publishing

The Real Score: Analytics and Big Data in Sports

Do Great Athletes Have to Be Good People?

5:00 PM

The Frontline Defense: Community Managers

Humans, Not Machines: Content is About Connecting

Day 3: Sunday, March 13

9:30 AM

The Future of Open Source Content Management

11:00 AM

Big Data Will Choose the Next US President

Is "Conscious Consumerism" Just a Marketing Term?

The Media's Role in Austin's Tech Boom

12:30 PM

The Power of Perception: Media and Women in Tech

2:00 PM

Creating a Meaningful Dialogue Through Video

3:30 PM 

Gen Z: The Most Influential Consumer

How to Cultivate Online Brand Ambassadors

5:00 PM

Multicultural Blogger and Content Creator Meet Up

Day 4: Monday, March 14

9:30 AM

How to Get Great Customer Feedback

12:30 PM

The State of Media and Tech

Toss Your Phone Off a Bridge and Begin to Live Again

2:00 PM

The Business of Digital Influencers with Mr Kate

3:30 PM

Is Twitter the New Customer Call Center?

The Right to Be Forgotten

5:00 PM

New Media and Government: Holding Our Institutions Accountable

Strategic Storytelling: Video As Policy Changer

Day 5: Tuesday, March 15

11:00 AM

Community Manager Meet Up

2:00 PM

Making Distributed Content Work in News 

Have other session or event suggestions? Please share in the comments below. 

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